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Who are we? is a resource for everyday people who want to live more secure and private lives in an increasingly digital world.

We spend a significant part of our lives online and interacting with technology – using mobile devices, social media, online shopping, smart/digital assistants and so on.

However, the information we need to be able to stay secure can sometimes be confusing or hard to find.

In addition, many people are introduced to the concept of security [some of you may know this as “cybersecurity’] either through boring corporate training programs or fear-inducting news reports.

Our aim is to humanize security information, remove the fear, uncertainty and doubt and engage you with practical steps you need to help you and your family stay safe in a digital world.

Our approach organizes the overwhelming amount of available security and privacy advice in a manner that is relevant and easily transferrable to your specific digital lifestyle.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything like that. We simply hope to bring a fresh narrative to this important aspect of people’s lives.

Through, we want to help you understand the risks associated with using technology so that you can make informed decisions, secure the technology that you currently use and maintain security and privacy as a lifestyle.


Coming soon: How to Discover Your Cyber Self

The folks behind the blog

Kyle Miller

Kyle is a cybersecurity professional who currently helps organizations across the world better secure their information assets and comply with various technical compliance standards that we won’t bore you with here.

He is passionate about helping his friends and family protect themselves online and when using technology. He says his pro bono work assisting his grandmother with securing her iPad and social media accounts has to be worth at least six figures in free services rendered!

Connect with Kyle on LinkedIn.

Omo Osagiede

Digital content creator and writer who has worked in the security and data privacy industry since 2003.

Omo has helped many corporate organizations (mainly in the retail and financial services industries) to manage their security and privacy risks and improve their overall security posture.

A digital native himself, Omo is keen to demystify the world of cybersecurity for regular people and is excited about the mission of 

Connect with Omo on LinkedIn and Twitter.