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Your Personal Cybersecurity Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered what your ‘cyberself’ looks like?

By ‘cyberself’ we refer to the combination of your various digital identities, online activities and the digital footprint you create and leave behind when you use technology (including physical devices and the internet).

In our increasingly digital world, your cyberself is every bit as important as your physical self.


Most of us are reasonably aware of the everyday threats and risks that we face in the physical world.

We cautiously lock our doors and windows whenever we leave the house. We are careful never to leave valuables exposed when we park our cars in public places. We are even mostly aware of the risk of pickpockets and the need to secure purses, wallets and other valuables when we are out and about.

The things we can see and touch in our physical lives tend to get a lot more attention than the things that seem less tangible.

Like your cyberself for example. If you use a smartphone, visit websites, use online email or search engines like Google, you’re generating data about yourself. Everything you do with technology leaves a digital footprint which, these days, only keeps growing.

Our personal data has value on the internet and in the wrong hands, that data could be used for sinister things. However, we don’t always exercise the necessary care or caution when protecting our digital lives as we do our physical lives.

This is why we have created

We exist to help regular, everyday people make informed decisions about their use of technology. We aim to empower you with the information, tools and action-based knowledge to help you and your family to live and thrive securely in a digital world.

Our approach is simple. We will help you understand and secure your cyberself and help you maintain your desired level of security and privacy as you use technology.

You can begin by building your personal cybersecurity plan using our tools below.

Build your personal cybersecurity plan